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Soben Hygiene is a professional modern enterprise in sanitary field. We are specialized in designing, researching and developing, manufacturing and marketing health-care sanitary products for babies, adults and ladies. Our products mainly include baby diapers, baby pull ups, adult diapers ,adult pull ups , women's sanitary pads as well as medical under pads.  We have our own R & D center and distribution channels for baby & lady & adult care products.  Besides as our boss family relative run in related machine,like baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin machine and packing machine, we can also provide to customers. 


Soben Hygiene keeps introducing advanced skills and equipments from Italy and German. Strict quality control system, along with ISO9001:2008 certificate. Our products sell well in Europe countries and Canada, south Africa Vietnam, Ghana, Cameroon,Nigeria, Kenya,Australia, New Zealand, Yemen,India, Pakistan,Philipine Egypt etc. Faced with fierce competition, Soben Hygiene insists on putting innovation in technology, product, management and market as our lifelong mission and responsibility. 
To create happiness, health and love for customers, Soben will spare no effort to bring outstanding quality,excellent service and exceptional products to the international market. We are awaiting your inquiries and calls for interest. 
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