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Adult Pull Up

High Quality Adult Pull Up Diaper Made In China

  • Disposable Training Pants Diaper
  • Super Absorbency Adult Training Pants Diaper
  • Cheap Price Adult Training Pants Diaper
  • Free Sample Adult Training Pants Diaper
  • Product description: Disposable Super Absorbency Adult Training Pants Diapers 1.Disposable Adult Training Pants Diaper 2.Super Absorbency Adult Training Pants Diaper 3.Free Sample Adult Training Pants Diaper

 Quality Adult Pull Up Diaper Made In China

1.Adult Training Pants Diaper Specification

Heavy absorbent high quality adult pull up diaper, Super Soft non-woven,3D Surface,Double leakguard, Cloth back sheet, Imported fluff pulp mixed with SAP
Ideal for patients suffering from Urology Diseases, Diabetics, Prostate Disorder or Bedridden and Disabled patients
1)Body curves design fit the body and makes user relax
2)Double Standing Leak Guard and Leg cuffs prevent side leakage
3)With dense elastic rubber in the waist, products snug and comfortable and can suite for different waist size customer.
4)Imported SAP absorbs liquid and blocks the liquid easily,draws fluid and waste away from the skin. and reduces odors
5)Super Soft nowoven,3Dsurface, cloth like back sheet and heavy absorbent core
6)Pull-on style for convenience and sides are designed to tear away if needed for easy removal
Specification/ Size available

Size(mm) Core Size(mm) Waist size(cm) SAP(g) Weight  (g) Absorbency(ml) Q`ty(1*40HQ)
M 560*820 530*175 50-112 10 70 1000 110000
L 680*820 530*175 70-135 12 80 1200 105000
XL 830*920 620*185 80-160 14 95 1400 95000

Pack/Customers usually pack:

1. Each pack 10pcs, 5pcs or 20pcs per color bag, Each carton 6bags, 8bags, 10bags or 12bags

2.Bulk pack:150pcs,240pcs or 180pcs per clear poly bag, and outside protect with woven-bag.

3.Bulk pack:100 pcs in a carton, inside with a poly bag

Adult Training Pants Diaper Details

Adult Training Pants Diaper Factory

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